Women & Investing

The Equality Advantage

As a high performance firm we strive to champion diversity at PIMCO and in the investment management industry more broadly. To that end, our three-part Women & Investing initiative is designed to both advocate for gender equality and educate our clients on how they can best partner with women investors, who are a driving force of global wealth but are currently underserved by the industry.

women in investing

Women in Investing

Women In Investing

We believe diverse perspectives generate deeper insights, drive greater innovation and yield better outcomes for our company and for our clients. We seek to engage and partner with external organizations with similar objectives of advancing women in the financial services industry.

As part of our global Inclusion, Diversity & Culture (IDC) initiative, PIMCO Women focuses on the attraction, development, retention and engagement of women at all stages of their careers – all for the benefit of our clients, our business and our employees.

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Women as Investors

Recognizing the growing influence of women investors, we are committed to a research-oriented approach to understanding and meeting their evolving investment needs.

To better understand the needs of women investors and how they measure success in investing, we commissioned a market survey on women’s views of investing. PIMCO’s findings explore women’s definition of investment performance and identify how financial institutions and advisors can adapt to meet their needs.

Women, Investing and the Pursuit of Wealth-Life Balance

Balancing wealth goals with life’s realities is a constant challenge.

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Rethink the Industry Framework

To successfully partner with women we need to understand how they currently view the financial services industry and what needs to change.

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Retirement Planning for Women

Understanding women's views on long-term investment goals allows firms and advisors to become better partners.

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Redefining Performance

Women define success in relation to how investments affect their lifestyle and advance them towards their goals.

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Women and Investing

Investing In Women

At PIMCO, we understand both the opportunity and obligation to effect meaningful social change.

Our focus on gender equality reflects our belief that this is a fundamental issue critical to human development and sustainable worldwide economic growth.

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