Japan Core Plus strategy

In recent history, Japanese bond yields have remained low and corporate bond spreads narrow, making it difficult to attain sufficient added value from Japanese bonds alone. However, there are many opportunities for added returns if the investment universe is expanded to include foreign bonds. PIMCO’s Japan Core Plus Strategy employs an active approach seeking alpha, or excess returns above the benchmark, from bonds both within the Japanese benchmark (“core”) and outside the benchmark, including foreign bonds (“plus”). Risk is maintained at a level similar to that of a benchmark such as NOMURA-BPI Aggregate, but the portfolio pursues stable high returns that would otherwise be difficult if invested solely in Japanese bonds. This strategy can provide the building block for portfolios where Japanese bonds are positioned as the core asset.


Target returns are calculated based on the assumption that all investment tools that are normally used with the strategy are available. Target returns should not be construed as an estimate or promise of results that a client portfolio may achieve.

The value of assets under management will be affected by, and fluctuate based upon, movements in prices of securities in the portfolio, financial market conditions, interest rates, and credit risk arising from changes in the financial condition of issuers of securities in the portfolio, among others. Where investments are made in foreign currency denominated assets, the value of the assets will also be affected by movements in foreign exchange rates. All profits and losses resulting from investments are for the account of the investor. Thus, there is no guarantee that the principal amount of the investment will be preserved, or that a certain return will be realized; rather, the investment could suffer a loss.

The fee charged for our activities related to the financial instruments business will vary depending on the investment trust acquired or the investment advisory agreement entered into, and thus these materials do not set forth specific fee amounts or their calculation methodologies.